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Breeders Matrix.

What you need to know about breeders.

There are 5 types of breeders: backyard breeder, puppy mill , commercial breeder, hobby breeder, and reputable experienced breeder.

How are these breeders classified. First would be what is their specific breeding goal? Do they have a mentor? Do they understand breeds and the breed standard? Are they active in dog related activities? How much do they know about the history of the breed? Do they just sell and walk away or do they stay in touch with new owners? Are they keeping up with health and temperament issues affecting breeding? Are their breeding stock tested for genetic diseases? Do they maintain carrier records? Are the puppies breed in a clean, sterile, environment that is always maintained? What is their expected longevity with their breed?

Let's start with a backyard breeder. What is their underlying purpose? A backyard breeder is to produce puppies. They might even masquerade as a member of an organization or group just to bring in buyers. They work independently lacking in guidance of a mentor. More than likely they have no understanding of the breed standards. Which also leads into their stock are typically rescues. They are falsifying or offering incomplete breed history. You may even hear they are not involved in breed standard organizations or groups because they are too " political". The are not familiar with the importance of genotype only focusing on phenotype. Breeding conditions may vary.

Puppy Mills underlying purpose is to make money. They will hardly ever belong to a breed club. They have not interested in breed improvement. Understanding the breed standard is not important as they use available stock only. They are not involved in dog related activities because they do not need to promote. They sell to brokers. They are misleading by often providing papers via generic "registries". There is no need to keep up with health or temperament. Can easily state records unavailable when requested for genetic disease testing or carrier records. Conditions minimal standards. Puppy Mills will continue as long as sales will allow.

Commercial Breeder is all about supply and demand. Does not specialize in a particular breed. They focus on general appearance and all pups sold have full breeding rights. They meet minimum requirements when providing information on temperament and health issues. Dogs and puppies are auctioned off with undocumented paper work for appearance sake. They are however state inspected so they are cleanest and best organized compared to others. The longevity of a commercial breeder is based off popularity of a specific breed.

Hobby Breeders purpose is to better the breed. They are extremely dedicated always searching and reaching out to gain more knowledge. This breeder is striving towards the ideal. They support and are active in dog related activities. When it comes to knowledge of the breed they believe in continual learning. Selling their puppies with spay/neuter contracts. They love to stay in touch with the new owners and following a dogs progeny. Hobby Breeders go over and above to keep up with health and temperament to insure in depth guarantees. Genetic testing is a priority. Complete records to track every puppy produced. Most often "home raised with love" and well cared for. Their mission is to stay for the long haul.

Finally the Reputable Experienced Breeder considers the goal to perfect a specific type to leave a legacy. They not only belong to organizations and clubs but are very active, possibly even an officer. The experienced breeder is a mentor. They have maybe even written articles, books, as well as conducting seminars. They often help define the breed standards. You may find them judging and are excited about mentoring Hobby Breeders. They are impacting to the breed always differentiating breed/pet quality. They maintain a support system accepting full responsibility for every puppy produced. Their entire breeding program is based off extensive gene pool data. They have made this a lifetime commitment.

Remember to interview your breeder as they should also be interviewing you. You should know where your breeder falls in the breeding matrix.

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